Important Facts About Marriage Certificate Translation

Marriage certificates are important personal documents and may be needed for presentation for a number of official purposes. When marriage certificates do need to be made available by officials that use a language different than that in which the marriage certificate is issued, then it is almost inevitable that the marriage certificate is translated into the required official language. In many cases, marriage certificate translation is of such importance that it needs to be accompanied by a certificate authenticating the accuracy of the translation or an affidavit which affirms the legality and accuracy of the translated document.

Marriage Certificate

Why Marriage Certificates Are Necessary

Marriage certificates are an almost universal affirmation of a relationship between two people. Until recently, it was almost always an acknowledgment of a formal relationship between a man and a woman, but more recently more and more nations and states recognize the validity of same-sex marriages. It is important to understand why marriage certificates are necessary when a couple decides to seek work, embark on a study course or permanently migrate to another country other than their own.

The principal reason is that the certificate confirms the physical and economic relationship between two specific people. Very often when a visa is applied for, it is because one person is the key or main applicant. Immigration law will dictate exactly who is allowed to accompany the main applicant. The identity of the spouse of the main applicant can most easily be determined by a marriage certificate. The marriage certificate can also help to determine the identity of dependent children who also be allowed to accompany the main applicant.

Marriage certificates may also be needed when information is required for registration for taxation, health and welfare benefits which may depend on their calculation of the relationship between the people applying for them.

In a small number of cases where traditional marriage ceremonies take place, it may not be a requirement for a formal marriage certificate to be issued. This can cause embarrassment and difficulties if a marriage certificate is required when the couple decides to move to another country in their later life. For that reason, it is advisable when customary or traditional marriage has taken place that a written or printed certificate of some sort verifying the marriage is obtained before attempting to apply for a job, educational course or residence overseas.

The Value of a Professional Certified Marriage Certificate Translation

Each country sets its own standards in relation to how a marriage certificate translation should be presented. It is important that the owners of the certificate do their research well before a certificate is submitted for translation. In Australia, for example, all marriage certificate translations in English required for immigration purposes must be completed by an authorised translator who should sign and complete a certificate to demonstrate that the translation is a true and accurate version of the original. This may or may not be the case in other countries. If in doubt, it is best to get a marriage certificate translated by a professional translation agency and ask them to provide an additional certificate of confirmation.

Choose a Certified Marriage Certificate Translator

Marriage certificates are a normal and regular way of demonstrating the formal relationship between two people in nearly every society around the world. Marriage certificates contain information of importance for employers, educational institutions and government bodies, especially immigration authorities. In nearly every country, it is a requirement that marriage certificates are competently translated into the official language of the country where it is to be presented. Professional legal or marriage certificate translators should be used to provide translations that will be acceptable by the authorities to whom they are presented.

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