Haunting Times

It’s Halloween and while Germany may not share the festive enthusiasm of English-speaking countries, there’s still plenty there to set people shivering with excitement. Germany’s colourful history means that there’s plenty of spooky places to explore, for those who are feeling brave enough… Only the bravest would head to the forest in Kirchlengern late at night, especially not on Halloween. Even the police have been baffled by the mysterious shrieks and other goings on there. The Wessobrun Monestary in Bavaria may be known as a centre of poetry, but it’s home to the spirit of a nun who broke her vows and died of the shame. Even today, it appears she has not made peace with herself and still roams the corridors weeping. Meanwhile drivers in Friehung have an extra hazard to look out for, the ghost of a lady who used to haunt the old mining tunnels until residents had them closed to encourage her to move on. She didn’t take the hint and instead moved up to haunt the roads instead.

 Meanwhile in Australia, people will be treating Halloween as a chance for some festive fun and as it’s now late spring in the Southern hemisphere, ghost hunters will be able to enjoy better weather. How they will communicate with any spirits they meet is an interesting question. Even an experienced German NAATI translator might have a few problems with that…

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