German Language Translation Challenges

Translation Challenges

Virtually all German words, idioms and phrases can be located in a comprehensive German dictionary but good German translations must use correct punctuation rules too. Rules in English are not always the same as in German.

There are Things you should know as a German Translator before you Start the Translation Process and these are

● Where to find German umlauts on your keyboard
● How are numbers written in the German language
● Punctuation rules for the German language
● What are the commonly used German language abbreviations and when they should be used.
● German loanword usage.

If you are an English to German translator you will most probably be using an English keyboard so you will need to know the German letters such as ß ä, ö, ü, and where they are located on the English keyboard

When translating from English into languages of the Eurozone, which Germany is, you will need to know the correct writing for commas and decimal points used for writing down currency amounts. You can’t afford to get such simple things wrong when doing an English to German translation. If you are presenting information in an English to German translation you will need to know when Germany’s, Austria’s and Switzerland’s public holidays are, too.

German has its own set of abbreviations such as bzw, z.B and usw that will need a German English translation.

We can’t forget the use of German loan words which we don’t need to translate into English at all as they are an accepted part of the English language such as kindergarten and zeitgeist.

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