Differences Between Marriage Licenses And Marriage Certificates

Marriage Licenses And Marriage Certificates
A marriage license is the piece of paper given to you that gives you permission to get married while a marriage certificate is the document given to you that provides the proof that you are already married.

Typically, couples will first obtain a marriage license. They will then arrange the wedding ceremony. The person who was responsible for performing the ceremony files a marriage certificate with the delegated office within a few days. This could be the county clerk’s office, the recorder or the registrar. This will depend where the married couple lives.

The married couple can expect to receive the marriage certificate that is a certified copy not too long after the marriage ceremony has taken place. It is quite normal for both spouses, as well as the person who officiated the marriage and 1 or 2 witnesses, to be signatories on the marriage certificate. This commonly takes place just after the marriage ceremony has been completed.

Once the marriage certificate has been formally handed to the couple it is considered to be a legal document. If the owners of the document intend to move from an English speaking country to a German speaking country and the marriage certificate is written in English they will need to get an English German translation if they wish to use it for official purposes in the German speaking country.

Most countries don’t accept legal documents like marriage certificates unless they have been translated into the language of the country where the marriage certificate is likely to be used for identification purposes. This often requires a signed certificate by the professional German translator who guarantees that the translation is the translation is an accurate representation of the details found on the marriage certificate.

Apart from a marriage certificate there are other certificates like birth certificates which are legal documents and can be used to prove the identity of the owner.

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