Translation Facts About German That You Never Knew

People immersed in their own languages and cultures never really think how important language is until they inadvertently buy a product on eBay or some other online store that was manufactured overseas and the producer has only included the manual in the language of the country of manufacture. Maybe it was oversight or it might […]


Overcoming the Challenges of Language Translation in Business

Business is more international than ever. Companies are continually striving to expand their markets, make use of low cost or more convenient locations for production or distribution and the advent of the internet has helped globalization of business no end. But all this international activity brings its own challenges. One challenge that almost all businesses […]


Just How Important is Translation?

How vital is a professional German English translator? If you need something translated, who should you find to get the job done? Should you try and find someone you know who is bilingual and can do the translation for you for free or could you get away with one of those free German translation services […]


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