A Description of a German Birth Certificate Translation

There are certain key details that a German certificate contains that define what a German birth certificate looks like and the birth certificate translation must look the same as the original birth certificate. Description of a German Birth Certificate Translation In English, a German birth certificate translation is called a Certificate of Descent. This is […]


Bilinguals Have a Different Outlook on The World

According to new research, speakers of two languages usually put a different emphasis on actions and consequences. This influences what they think about the world. In addition to this, bilinguals whose thinking processes are supposed to be more flexible seem to benefit from the best of two worldviews. Thinking and Native Language An increasing number […]


The Use of the German Language in African Countries

It may seem odd to think that there is any connection between the German language and the African continent, but there is one, even though it is now a bit tenuous. Germany at one time had four African colonies, Togo, Cameroon, South West Africa (now Namibia) and Tanganyika (now Tanzania). It lost all its colonies […]


German Translators and the Internet in Germany

The Internet has become an absolutely essential tool for modern communication, whether it is personal, between individuals, or has a commercial nature. While the Internet itself is truly global in nature, it must still use a language to communicate in. There is no one single international language that can be used exclusively on the Internet. […]


Why German Should be on Every Linguist’s Bucket List

At first sight, German seems to be one of the least important of the world’s languages to bother learning. It’s only used in Germany, right? Not quite! Actually, German is spoken in Austria, Switzerland and as a minority language in several other European countries too. In addition, there are significant German immigrant communities scattered across […]


Measuring Whether Translation Suits Its Purpose

As translators, we are often wondering just how good our translations really are. How do you measure the quality of a translation? Given that most translators do not deliberately aim to translate material absolutely literally, it can be hard to find a w measure of just how good it is. We all know what a […]


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