A Noteworthy Son of German Soil

Australia is grateful for the contributions its German settlers made (and indeed continue to). Our official translation service is currently exceptionally busy preparing migration and business documentation for the current wave. We decided to take time out to discuss a noteworthy migrant who arrived in 1852 on the brig Reiherstieg, and left great memorials behind. […]


German Backpackers in Australia

Australia’s a vast country, with a world of climates in it too. In fact, at 7,692,024 m2 it is 21.5 times larger than Germany and three-quarters of the size of the United States of America. It’s a popular destination for migrants who appreciate our unique style of life. This includes thousands of youngsters backpacking all […]


Demand for German Migrants Remains Strong

Australia’s original migration plan involved attracting settlers from Europe on account of a good culture match. Other targets included Germany, Italy, France, and Greece. The first German immigrants arrived in the 19th Century. By the time the 20th Century arrived, their numbers amounted to 38,352. The first German translation services were established, with offices in […]


From Wurttemberg to Queensland Sheep Pens

German migrants to Australia have always been welcomed because of their love of enterprise and adventure, even though in early days they sometimes needed assistance from a German translator to make themselves understood. As far back as 1879 Queensland Premier Thomas Mcllwraith remarked that “one hears or sees nothing of them for eighteen months or […]


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