German Translation for the Large German Market

You may be surprised to know that German is spoken by more than 100 million people in Europe alone and it is one of the official languages in not only Germany but Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland too. It is also widely spoken in Slovakia, Denmark and the Czech Republic. Some African countries have German speakers, […]


How Should I Prepare My Business Documents Before Translation?

It is a mistake to assume that a German English translator can deal efficiently with a document that has not been adequately prepared beforehand. At the least, the document translation will probably take longer and therefore will also cost more, but may also contain mistakes that might not have been made with prior preparation. The […]


How Languages Impact On Business

Today, commerce and trade are bigger than they have ever been as more and more corners of the earth trade and buy goods through international trading transactions than ever before. Languages have changed too as those who wish to access world markets need to be able to do business in a common language so that […]


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