8 Extremely Funny German words

Funny German words

When you translate literally German words into the English language there are some pretty funny definitions of German words.

Compound Hilarious German Words

  1. Handschuhe is the compound word for the glove, but as Germans like to keep their vocabulary short it means literally ‘hand shoe’. They don’t think there is any need to create a new word for ‘glove’ as they cover the hands like shoes cover the feet.

  2. Klobrille is one of the funny German sayings in English, which literally means ‘toilet glasses,’ when in fact it really means quite simply a toilet seat!

  3. Stinktier literally translates to mean ‘stink animal’ but to be politer it means a ‘skunk,’ which is an animal that emits an unpleasant smell.

  4. Fun in the German language takes place when it comes to the word ‘slug’ as the German language uses the word Nacktschnecke, which literally means ‘naked snail’ and in fact describes a snail without a shell.

  5. Vielfraß means literally ‘eat-a-lot’ but it is used to describe the wolverine which seemingly eats continuously all day.

  6. Eselsbrücke means literally ‘donkey’s bridge’, but translated into English correctly it means a mnemonic device which is a trick used by people to help them to remember something.

  7. Donnerbalken is certainly fun in German Language and literally meansthunder beam’, but for the Germans, it is referring to a communal military lavatory. Today, it is a slang word just meaning lavatory. A ‘thunder beam’ in English slang means ‘thunderbox,’ so the beam is referring to the seat-like bar while the “thunder” is the noise made in a toilet sometimes.

  8. Durchfall literally translates to mean through flow, which to the Germans means ‘diarrhoea’. The word ‘diarrhoea’ is of Greek origin and means much the same as German ‘through-flow.’

  9. Wildpinkler is another one of the hilarious German words which mean in the literal wild pee-er. This, in fact, describes somebody who tends to avoid using the toilet. So a Wildpinkler is somebody who prefers to relieve outside and not in the loo. This funny definition of German words was used in a recent news report in German which said Wildpinklers were causing the erosion of the aged walls of Ulm Minster church. This building is famous because it has the world’s tallest spire.

So, it’s quite true that words in German are funny, at least some of them!

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